Hi, I'm Jo.

My favorite flowers are those that grow wild.

My happy place is a meadow of tall grass and queen anne's lace on a sunny day.

I find the most joy in the smallest details.

I create inspired florals for the indie bride.

i am a lover of all things ethereal and wild.

When designing a bouquet, I imagine not simply what it will look like, but how it will feel to a bride on her big day. how it will smell when she breathes in it's sweet fragrance for the very first time; how it's ruffly petals will feel when cradled against her. I imagine how her bouqet will move as she walks with's whispy little bits and trailing vines floating in the breeze.

I create my designs with a giddy anticipation and a thoughtful intention to tell each couple's unique love story through my florals.

I’d love to chat with you about your intimate wedding or elopement!