Just living is not enough…one must have Sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.


I live my life in the way of my favorite flowers :
wild, free, and never ceasing to grow.

Hi, I’m Jo. If you see an expansive meadow filled with tall grass and queen anne’s lace, peer a little closer because you might just see me lying among the wildflowers, soaking in the sun.

Twig + Briar was born out of an unlikely mix of necessity, curiosity, and passion. I stumbled upon the art of floral design while looking for creative release, and soon this new little hobby became a new little business, which has grown to become one of my greatest passions. I believe in the power of art and the wisdom of nature, and these beliefs fuel my designs as I seek to enchant and delight my couples with flowers that make them feel.

Today I create inspired florals for the indie couple. Like me, my clients tend toward—or, rather, fully embrace—the nontraditional. They’re the sort who look for ways to put their own spin on weddings; who believe a wedding should be about the couple and their unique love story. They get married outdoors in private ceremonies or under the exposed ceilings in beautiful industrial spaces with close family and friends.

And they love, wildly.